Choosing the Right Chair for Your Comfort

The right chair can make daily life more comfortable. There are many things to consider when choosing a chair. Every individual’s needs are different and if you have any questions or concerns you should speak with your doctor or another medical professional.

Types of Chairs

High back chairs provide excellent support for people with low upper body strength. Many high back chairs can also be fitted with wings to provide additional support to the shoulders, neck, and head. In general, they have high arm rests for safety and promote proper posture.


Manual riser chairs are an excellent choice for people with limited strength or weak, stiff joints such as in the case of arthritis. The lever operates a tilting mechanism which makes it easier to stand up and sit down. Motorized riser chairs provide the same action, but are better for people with difficulty using their hands to operate the manual lever.


For people with multiple concerns, high dependency chairs come with multiple adjustment areas and extra padding to support and protect people who have difficulty coordinating their movements. Often, they’re mounted on a mobile base and have footrests and cushioned wings. Proper cushioning also helps prevent bedsores.

Fabric Options

For some people fabric choice is as a color and pattern that matches your décor. But there are some other things to keep in mind.


As your new favorite chair, it’s likely the fabric is going to need to stand up to a lot of wear and tear so it’s important to choose a fabric that will stand up to many years of use.


Spills and sweat are inevitable, so look for fabrics that are easy to clean and resist staining. Microfiber fabrics often meet this recommendations and are always quite soft.

Other Features to Consider

·      Removable arms – this makes side transfers easier for the caregiver.

·      Infill panels under the arms – helps keep cold draughts out and heat in

·      Angled seat – a slight forward tilt can make it easier to get up out of your chair

·      Wheels – easily take your chair to any room in the house

·      Chair raisers – a higher seat can make it easier to stand up and sit down. Instead of buying a whole new chair, consider a set of chair raisers that fit under the legs

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