Eating Aids Information

People with impaired function in their hands, arms, or mouths can find it difficult to feed themselves. Emotionally, this lack of independence can be quite difficult to accept. Thankfully, a variety of eating aids exist to make it easier for anyone with mobility concerns to feed themselves.

Who Can Benefit from Eating Aids

Eating aids are beneficial for anyone with difficulty feeding themselves whether as a result of illness or injury or due to long-term disability. There are many different eating aids available. Choosing the ones that are best for you depends on your lifestyle and food choices.

Plate Guards

Even the most adept individuals can have a hard time getting peas or other vegetables off a plate without making a mess. For people with mobility concerns, eating off a plate is even more difficult. Plate guards make this process easier by surrounding a plate you already own and providing a surface to push against. This keeps food from spilling off the plate and makes it easier to pick up.

Scoop Bowls/Plates

Similar to plate guards, scoop bowls and plates make it easier to pick up food. Unlike plate guards, however, scoop bowls and plates stand on their own. They’re specially designed with a high, curving lip on one side to make eating with one hand easier by using the curved edge to roll food onto a fork or spoon. Some have suction bottoms to keep the plate or bowl from sliding across the table while you’re trying to eat.

Stay Warm Dishes

Keeping food warm in a bowl or plate that’s also easy to eat out of is simple with a stay warm dish. The cover is easy to put on and remove yet keeps the contents warm if you’re not ready to eat yet. It’s a convenient, portable solution to eating hot food from a mobility-friendly bowl or plate.

Utensil Cuff

This is particularly helpful for people who have difficulty with grip. The cuff attaches around your hand and makes it easier to hold forks, spoons, etc. It can also be used to hold pens or other small hand tools.


Special utensils with easy to grip handles make it much easier for people with grip or motor control concerns to feed themselves. Some are made bent at different angles to adapt for any lack of mobility in arms, elbows, or shoulders. In addition, special non-slip handles can be purchased to slide over cutlery you already use on a daily basis. There’s even special ones for children or others with small hands.

Adult Bibs

Whether you’re eating lobster or not, meal time can be messy. With specially designed adult bibs, clothes are protecting from any stains, etc. and your dignity remains intact. The absorbent surface quickly sops up any spills and the soft fabric is both comfortable and attractive.

Suction Egg Cups

Enjoying a hardboiled egg using only one hand is simple with the suction egg cup. It looks just like a regular egg cup, but suctions to the table to keep it in place while you crack and peel the shell.


Enjoying a delicious meal has never been easier for people with mobility issues thanks to the many eating aids on the market.

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