Fashion for the Disabled

Fashion is not something that should be reserved for the non-disabled. You can have a disability and still enjoy the positive feelings that everyone experiences when they know they look nice. Looking good helps you feel good, regardless of your abilities. 


Since many fashions are not designed to accommodate a disability, it is necessary to be creative. You can enjoy fashion if you are willing to take a little time and make some adjustments or changes in how you purchase your clothing and accessories. 


For example, if you use braces for your legs, there is no reason that you cannot enjoy wearing knee-high boots. Instead of searching for boots in your regular size, look for boots that offer extended calf sizes. These boots often easily fit over the braces and allow you to enjoy these high fashion items. 


Another example would be a poncho designed for wheelchair use. You do not have to go out covered in lap robes and bulky, ill-fitting coats. A wheelchair poncho covers you and your chair, looks fashionable, and keeps you dry and warm. Add a beautiful broach to set off the entire look! 


Take advantage of clothes that make you feel good and are easy to manage. You can enhance any outfit with scarves, jewellery, and other similar accessories. Wearing clothes that make you feel happy or are your favourite colour is also a great choice. When you feel good about what you wear, you look good wearing it. 


Always look for opportunities to find clothing that you can have altered to accommodate your needs. Love that dress but cannot manage the zipper? Have someone replace the zipper with velcro. Do you want to try out a different style but are afraid to spend money and not like the look? Shop some charity shops to try out the style and if you like it, search for something new. There are always options.  


It is important to remember that your fashion does not have to conform to any certain style or to any certain designer. Your fashion should be a reflection of you and what you love. Embracing what makes you happy is part of leading a joyful life, despite any challenges you physically may endure. 


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