Where Can Disabled People Volunteer

Having a disability should not be a reason to not volunteer. In fact, it is perhaps even more reason to volunteer. Seeing someone actively engaging with the community that has a disability is an inspiration to everyone and may even encourage more people to become active.  

There are many things that you can do as a volunteer. Even with a disability you can be a very active volunteer staff member. To find the right volunteering opportunity, look for something you are passionate about. Having a passion for what you are doing will make the experience even more pleasurable.  

Some of the opportunities you may find appealing include:  

• Working with Children. Volunteer as an afterschool tutor or join a program that helps children that have disabilities. Many schools also have after school programs for children whose parents work.  

• Working with the Elderly. Many people in retirement homes are lonely. Their families or lifelone friends may not be close by. Volunteering at retirement center is an easy way to bring joy into their lives. You can do something as simple as play cards and talk. Anything and any time you contribute will make a difference.  

• Working with Disabled Veterans. Many veterans have a hard time returning to civilian life when they have suffered a disability. Provide the comfort and inspiration to a vet by volunteering at a center while disabled.  

• Working with Animals Even if your disability prevents you from walking dogs or changing cat litter at the local shelter, you can still contribute to this worthy cause. Offer to work the receiving area for incoming pets or in preparing adoption paperwork. There is always something you can contribute.  

• Working with the Disabled. Do you love sports? Why not work with the Special Olympics? Be an inspiration to a budding athlete by being a coach, a ticket taker, or even a time keeper for the events. This worthy cause is always in need of volunteers.  

• Working with the Community. Are you civic minded? Are there things in your neighborhood or area that need to be addressed? Why not volunteer time for an organization or politician so that you can be active in making these changes?  

• Working with the Community Part 2 – Do you like gardening? Do you love to be outdoors? Why not volunteer at a community garden or start one of your own? There are gardening tools available that can help those with a disability enjoy their gardening passion.  

These are only a few of the options that you should consider for volunteering. You can follow any passion and find a way to volunteer your time. 

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