• Tips for Buying a Wheelchair

    Tips for Buying a Wheelchair

    Wheelchairs can be a tremendous benefit for people with balance or mobility issues. Those issues can be the result of aging, illness, or injury. Before purchasing any mobility assistance equipment, you should be evaluated by a health professional. Once you’re ready to buy a wheelchair, there are many things to consider in the selection process.Types of Wheelchairs Basically, there are three types of wheelchairs,...
  • Disability Travel Aids

    Disability Travel Aids

    Traveling with a disability requires more planning than traveling without one, but it’s still completely doable and enjoyable. In addition to planning to stay at and visit places that are handicap accessible, it’s also important to consider what disability travels aids you want to bring with you to make your trip easier. Whether you’re driving or flying, there are many options to choose from....
  • Bedroom Aids for the Elderly

    Bedroom Aids for the Elderly

    Bedroom safety is necessary for everyone without a doubt; however, the elderly age group needs special attention. You would never want your loved ones to feel insecure and uncomfortable in their own home.  And you definitely would not want them to feel they're losing their independence.How can you ensure this won't happen to your loved one? The solution is quite simple.  By using specially...
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