• Caring for Elderly Parents

    Caring for Elderly Parents

    As our parents age, they often need more care. Mobility issues and other concerns can make it more difficult for them to remain completely independent. However, often, elderly parents want to remain in their homes. This can feel like a burden to those in the caretaker role, whether child, partner, or sibling. Support is available for caretakers in this situation.Carer’s Assessment The Care Act...
  • Kitchen Safety

    Kitchen Safety

    Next to the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house, particularly for people with mobility issues. Burns and fires as well as risk of falling while using the oven are just a few of the hazards in the kitchen. For the elderly and others with disabilities that affect movement, the kitchen can become a scary place. Fortunately, steps...
  • Bathroom Safety

    Bathroom Safety

    The bathroom is the number one place where people get in hurt in the home. Tub surfaces and floors can be slippery and standing and sitting to use the toilet can be difficult for people with mobility issues due to illness or injury. Whether waiting for a broken bone to heal or coping with a more permanent condition such as arthritis or vertigo, bathing...
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