Birthday Party Ideas for Children with Disabilities

Birthday parties are a part of growing up that every child looks forward to each year. Coming up with birthday party ideas for your child can be a challenge for a parent. You want to make sure that the party is something that they will enjoy and something that they will remember.  


When you are planning a party for a child with a disability, you just need a little extra time. Planning a party that is all-inclusive can be done easily with just a little bit of imagination. 

Pick a Theme


Every party should focus on the likes of the birthday child. So, once you have a theme, you can make all the accommodations from that point forward. Some of the themes you may want to consider include: 


• Petting Farm. This is an excellent idea for any type of disability. Many of these small petting zoo businesses can come right to your backyard and create a petting area with tamed animals. Children will love being able to pet and hold and feed and interact with these animals. Follow up the petting zoo party with cupcakes decorated like different animals, and you have a whole bunch of happy kids. 

• Movie Madness. Why not “roll out the red carpet” and have everyone dress up like a movie star or a favorite movie character?  Add some bling to wheelchairs for a marvelous Hollywood style ride. Watch favorite movies, play movie-themed games and, of course, get out the arts and crafts so that everyone can make their own movie prop. 

• Local Aquarium. Aquariums are a great idea for parties for children with disabilities. First off, aquariums are cool, and kids love them. Something is awe-inspiring about seeing these mysterious underwater creatures. Second, public aquariums will be wheelchair accessible. And as a final reason, many of these local aquariums host birthday parties and have special programs designed for special needs children. It is an all-day event though, so be prepared to be tired at the end of the day. 

• Painting. This is probably a nightmare thought to any parent, but painting is a great party idea for kids with disabilities. Regardless of the disability, every kid can find a way to enjoy painting. Brushes, sponges, fingers, anything can be used to paint. Make sure all kids come dressed to get messy and have a clean outfit to return home in after the party. Bring out modeling clay and other craft fun and let everyone indulge in their creativity. 


The most important thing is to make sure that the party is themed for something your child will enjoy. Yes, you will be worn out afterward, but it will be worth it because your child will have a happy memory for the rest of their life. 


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