Lockdown Exercises for People With Disabilities

The newly occurred lockdown came as an expected surprise. This means that most people, will not be able to perform their favorite physical activities outdoors. And even more so, people who have suffered an injury and must have physical therapy sessions with a professional expert will be faced with a real challenge. And even once these sessions are over, their body will need constant stimulation to stay strong and build up strength to endure the daily challenges.   

Staying active doesn't have to mean going for a jog or do sports. It can also include doing simple activities such as home workouts or chores around the house. Because it is fairly risky for people with a disability to exercise among people at this point of a global virus crisis and because of the newly occurred lockdown, there are some easy workout routines you can do at home. 

Depending on your disability, for example, joint problems from arthritis or a physical injury, you may require isometric exercises to help you strengthen your muscles or prevent further muscle deterioration. These exercises are performed with a simple push against immovable objects or another body part without changing the muscle length or moving the joint. 


Home exercises for people with disabilities

Depending on your disability, the following home workout routines may keep you active and strengthen your muscles to get you ready for the winter months:


1. Sit and stand

Need to increase lower body strength and stability? Try this simple exercise suitable for conditions where you have some control over your lower body.

Bring your upper body slightly to the front and try to push yourself up with your legs into a standing position. Slowly sit back down and get into the position you started in. If you must use your arms, place your hands on your knees to help push you up. You can always use support, such as a grab rail or worktop.


2. Triceps Dips

In order to strengthen your triceps, chest, and the front of your shoulders, you may perform some triceps dips. A simple exercise that will be particularly useful if you transfer from a wheelchair. Suitable for conditions with good strength in your upper body.

Sit down and place your hands on the armrests of your wheelchair or an ordinary chair. Place them directly beneath your shoulders. Push yourself up until your arms are fully extended, then gradually move them down until you are fully seated again. You can help yourself with your legs, but try to let your arms do as much of the work as possible.


3. Seated knee exercises

Strengthen the muscles around your hip and make transferring, walking and bending easier. Suitable for conditions where you have some control over your lower body.

Sit down, raise one of your knees until your foot is several inches off the floor. Lower your knee slowly and repeat the process. Do the same with the other knee. You can use your calf muscle to assist the movement.


4. Walk and sit

First, the sit to stand strengthens your legs, and then the short walk serves to improve your walking. Suitable for conditions where you have some control over your lower body.

Get two chairs and place them a few metres apart, facing each other. Sit on one chair, stand up and walk to the other chair. Sit down on the other chair, and repeat. If you need further assistance, you can use crutches or have someone to help you.


5. Back exercises

This exercise is suitable for those who use a wheelchair and can’t get down onto the floor.

Sitting in your wheelchair or on any other stable surface, bend over from the waist until your upper body is facing down toward the floor. Slowly extend the head and back to bring yourself to an upright position and repeat the movement. You can assist yourself by using your hands to press onto your thighs.

Before doing any of these exercises, please consult with your doctor. These exercises are meant for people who do not have a specific type of injury that requires no movement and rest.

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