Adaptive Sports for People with Disabilities

Between 15 and 20 percent of the population have a type of disability. Disabilities can be both physical and mental and may also be in the form of a progressive disease. All of these issues can cause the person with the disability to experience more stress and health problems.  

One of the best solutions to reduce stress and other health conditions is to exercise. Playing a sport or being active helps you feel better about yourself, stay more physically fit, and keeps you social which is crucial to overall happiness for everyone. Sports may sound out of reach for anyone with a disability, but this is not accurate.  

Adaptive Sports and Equipment  

The need for physical activity to stay healthier has driven the market and society to make changes to many sports and sports equipment and facilities. Making accommodations for those who have a disability has become a high priority in many areas of the country. Even beaches are now providing wheelchair access to the beach for people with “sand wheels” so that everyone can get outside and enjoy some fresh air.  

Basketball, tennis, golf, and cycling now all have special equipment that will allow people with disabilities to enjoy these sports. Horseback riding has also become very popular as many stables are now accommodating people with disabilities because of the profound results these beautiful animals have on those with a disability. Small children with physical and mental disabilities respond very well to horses.  

Skiing and water sports have also seen a surge in new innovations that allow those with disabilities, even those who are wheelchair bound, to go out and hit the slopes or the waves.  

When it comes down to it, where there is a desire, there is an adaptive sport or piece of equipment that will allow everyone to enjoy a physical activity. 

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