Diets for People with Disabilities

It is very easy to understand why there are dietary concerns for people with disabilities. The diet that is consumed by anyone with or without a disability can have an overall effect on their health. A person with a disability, however, may be more greatly affected by poor nutrition than others due to their medical condition.  

The first thing that must be addressed for a person with a disability when it comes to their diet is any special nutritional needs. Many medical care providers, for instance, have found that people with certain conditions may benefit from higher concentrations of certain vitamins than other people. If this is the case, you will need to make sure that any foods selected meet the guidelines set by the care provider.  

Next you will need to consider the ability of the person to consume the foods. Do they have a difficult time handling utensils, chewing, swallowing, or other issues? Selecting wholesome foods that meet these guidelines are essential as well. A healthy meal will go untouched if a person cannot easily eat the foods given to them.  

Anyone who has a disability may find it harder to be physically active. Because of this, weight issues may arise. It is very important that anyone who is not able to be physically active due to their disability follow a diet that is higher in content with vegetables and fruits so that they can easily manage their weight. Higher weight levels may lead to secondary medical conditions that could hinder their disability or lifestyle.  

A well-balanced diet is necessary for health regardless of disability or medical condition. A person should watch the types of foods they consume and seek out whole foods that are not processed or only slightly processed as well as seeking out foods without added sugars, fats, or salts. A diet rich in nutrients is healthier for everyone, not just those who are disabled. For those who are disabled, it is very important that caregivers make sure that meals are nutritionally balanced, meet medical needs, and are easy to consume.

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