Disabled Sports in the UK


Having a disability does not have to limit how much you enjoy your life. Yes, disabilities present limitations for some of the things you can do, but if you are up for the challenge, you can even overcome these limitations. It just takes a little bit of research and creativity. 


For instance, physical activity and sports are good for you in so many ways. They help you get physical activity, teach you things like strategy and fair play, and give you a chance to socialize and learn teamwork. Sports can help build skills that you may never have thought that you or your loved one would accomplish. 


The first thing that you must do is approach the word sports as a broader term. Sports is more than football and rugby. Sports can include ping pong or swimming or just playing catch. Sports can be lawn bowling or wheelchair basketball. It can be sitting down to a game of chess or other board game. Sports, in general should be viewed as something that is challenging and fun. 


Finding Sports Activities for People With Disabilities 


There are many resources available for people with disabilities to find and participate in sports. Your local council may have a list of programs available in your area. Check with charity organizations, organizations dedicated to your type of disability, the local library and organizations like Sport England. 


If you are finding that there is little available in your area to accommodate your disability needs, maybe this is an opportunity to start a program. If you enjoy something and want to share that love with others with similar disabilities, why not create a program where everyone can come and enjoy themselves? Many of these charities and organizations have programs in place that can help you make this happen. 


The Most Important Thing to Remember 


Physical and mental activity is good for everyone, not just those with disabilities. Finding a way to get out of the flat and move about and interact with others makes for a happier and healthier life. Even if some of your physical or mental abilities are restricted, you have other abilities that you can use to enjoy a sport. 


Playing a sport or competing in a game is also very good for your self-esteem. Even if you don’t win the competition, everything that you experience while you are trying is good for your self-confidence. When you feel better about yourself emotionally, many other areas of your life improve as well. 


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