Hobby Ideas for Disabled People


Having a disability does not mean that you have to lead a boring life. In fact, having a disability may even give you an opportunity to try things that you may have never tried. Limited mobility or decreased strength may allow you to finally try that hobby you were always interested in but never had time for in the past. 


Different Hobbies and Their Benefits 


Puzzles – Any Kind 


It may seem a little boring or too quiet to sit and put a puzzle together, but it does not have to be that way. Buying or borrowing a large puzzle gives you the perfect opportunity to invite someone over for a visit. Socializing is good for your health, and building a puzzle is good for cognitive skills.  


Get Crafty 


Learn a new craft. Ever want to try watercolors? Have you always wanted to knit a duvet cover? Do you like to design jewelry? Why not carve something or build a model? There are many different crafts you can learn or master when you are looking for a hobby. Many people do not start a hobby until they have retired.  You’ll be ahead of the game! 

Try A Sport 


Yes, there are many different sports that you can try when you have limited mobility. Many clubs are now offering wheelchair versions of some of their sports, including games like lawn bowling.  Do some research, and get involved in a sport! 


Trace Your Family Tree 


Genealogy is a fascinating hobby that can help you learn about your family through the ages. The Internet has become a wonderful resource of information, and many councils have library sections dedicated to local family histories that you can research and enjoy.  




Craft beer has become one of the biggest industries in the world as everyone strives to create the right tasting ale. You can start home brewing with a very basic kit at low cost and soon master how to handcraft different beers. If you’re not a beer fan, you can also learn how to make wines and champagne. 




Everyone loves a good biscuit or cake with their tea, so why not pull out your grandmum’s old cookbook and learn how to master her recipes? You and your friends will enjoy the results of this hobby. 


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