How to Choose a Cell Phone for a Person with a Disability


When you have a disability, having access to a cell phone is essential to your overall health and safety. Having a mobile phone allows you to be more independent while providing you with a way to instantly call for help if necessary. Cell phone technology has significantly improved to accommodate many different disabilities. 


For those with arthritis in their hands, larger phones are available with larger buttons making it easier to hold and dial. The use of a stylus is also recommended if you have trouble dialing or texting on a cell phone.  


For the hearing impaired, the use of video calling enables callers to use sign language while sending or receiving calls. The use of text to audio features can also allow the user to type words which are in turn spoken. New features are coming out every day to help those with hearing impairments. 


Visual impairments do not have to prevent cell phone use. Voice activated systems on the phone will allow those with visual impairments to access all features of their cell phones just by talking to the phone. Larger buttons and other features are also available. 


Choosing the Right Phone 


To choose the right phone to meet your needs, you may need to do a little research. Higher end cell phones often come with all of these features automatically, but they can be pricey. However, many cell phone carriers will offer discounts for these phones if you sign a contract for their services, and sometimes even provide the phones for free. 


Selecting the Right Phone: 


• Write down what features you need from a cell phone 

• Research different apps that you may be able to download that may give you the assistance you need without purchasing an expensive phone. 

• Talk to phone service providers to see what services they offer for disabled clients 

• Before ordering a specialized phone from a provider, look at other sites, including online auctions for the same phone at a better price 

• Contact local organizations that assist people with your specific condition. Many of these programs also offer assistance with acquiring the right cell phone. 


Mobile phones are a great tool to help you improve your independence and give you an extra safety net. There are many features available on phones that can accommodate different disabilities, and many apps are available for free that can enhance these experiences. With a little bit of research, you can find the right phone to meet your needs. 

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