Pressure Cushion Purchasing Guide

For people at risk of developing pressure sores, the right cushion can go along away toward preventing them by properly distributing weight. Remember that every situation is different, so you should talk with your healthcare professional to be sure you get the right pressure cushion for your needs.

Why You Need a Pressure Cushion

People with restricted mobility usually spend long period of time in the same position, which puts them at risk for developing pressure ulcers. The buildup of pressure on points where skin goes over bone (ankles, heels, etc.) is a risk factor. The risk is increased by rubbing and the buildup of moisture such as sweat. Pressure sores are quite painful and pose additional health risks. A pressure cushion helps reduce this risk. However, because they can be a potentially serious health concern, anyone at risk should be evaluated by a medical professional.

Minimizing Localized Pressure

It’s well understood that the easiest way to prevent pressure ulcers is to move the person frequently to ensure the pressure is not always on the same spot. In addition, more even weight distribution plays an import role in preventing pressure ulcers.

Risk Categories

A medical professional will determine your risk category for pressure ulcers ranging from low to very high. The biggest consideration is mobility and that amount of time spent in one position on a daily basis. When shopping for a pressure cushion, these risk categories will help determine which products are best for you.

Important Features in a Pressure Cushion

·      Strength – be sure the recommended maximum weight is suitable. There are bariatric cushions available for particularly heavy users

·      Breathability – Air flow is important in reducing moisture buildup so look for vapor permeable fabrics and structures that increase air flow

·      Hygiene – One risk with pressure ulcers is infection. To reduce this, look for fabrics and materials that are easy to clean and/or incorporate microbial agents in the material

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