Using a cane for mobility

People who have difficulty in walking or those who are disabled need some walking aids with which to get around. There are a number of aids to assist with mobility. Some of these aids can be used as a temporary support such as a walking cane or a pair of crutches. On the other hand, there are aids that are used for permanent support for people with disabilities. These aids include walkers, wheelchairs, rollators, etc.  

Whether you’re temporarily disabled or your disability is permanent, you need a walking aid to help you move around not only inside your house, but also outside of it. One of the most common walking aids is the cane. 

The Cane 

A cane is a walking device designed to provide support and facilitate the process of walking. It is the oldest and the simplest walking aid ever designed. What it does is shift your body weight from your legs to its shaft through your wristThis provides support and stability.  


Canes sometimes come with bands that wrap around the wrist to prevent the cane from dropping. This is very useful for people who have shaky or unsteady hands. Other than that, there are canes that come with an additional support for the arm so that minimum weight is shifted to the wrist. Folding canes are also available. These canes are perfect for the user who doesn't need continual support.  They can be conveniently folded and packed away when not in use.  Additionally, there are several options for colors of canes and structural materials used such as exotic woods or lightweight material such as aluminum.  Users can now make a fashion statement with their cane! 

Canes are also used by visually impaired people. Normally, a white cane is used by blind people which informs others of the person's vision impairment.  These canes help the user feel things ahead of them. This warns of obstacles they are about to face so they can change their course of travel if needed. 

As mentioned earlier, walking canes come in a variety of sizes, designs, and shapes and can be used by people who need varying amounts of support. With the passage of time, different versions of the cane have been introduced. These newer versions of the cane have increased the functionality by making canes more supportive, mobile, and easy to use. 

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