The original McKenzie® Slimline Roll
Medium Density and flatter design “for just that little bit extra”: The Original McKenzie® Slimline Roll is designed to be used with modern seating that has some lumbar support. Ideal for the elderly or petite persons and those who have...
The original McKenzie® Round Roll - 5"
Medium Density: The Original McKenzie® Round Roll was the first ever lumbar roll made in the world. Although this roll looks quite bulky, it compresses down very easily, while still giving the appropriate support. Available in a 100mm (4”) or...
The original McKenzie® Super Roll
Firm Density: The Original McKenzie® Super Roll is a superior lumbar support that provides the ultimate in function and aesthetic value. This roll is made of injected-moulded foam, which retains support for an almost indefinite period. Its flatter, curved shape...
The Original McKenzie® D-Shaped Roll
The Original McKenzie® D-Shaped Roll The Original McKenzie D Shaped Lumbar Roll is a back support cushion that is perfect for soft furnishings like lounge chairs, sofas, and beds. Thus cushion significantly improves the posture and helps reduce the backbone...
Air Flow Lumbar Support Cushion
The Air Flow Lumbar Support Cushion has been designed to improve your posture and to help relieve pressure on the spine when seated, while allowing air to flow freely and prevent overheating. The Air Flow Lumbar Support Cushion is ideal...
Harley Back Soother Cushion
Wraps around and supports the back! The cosy fibre filling ensures the user is provided with both comfort and support. An ideal product to be used in the home or in the office. Fantastic to use in a wheelchair or...
The original McKenzie® Heavy Duty Roll
Heavy Density: The Original McKenzie® Heavy Duty Roll is available in 100mm (4”) and 125mm (5”) thickness, and is perfect for use in the home or the office.
from £9.45
Harley Lumbar Roll - D Roll
A Lumbar Roll, which can be used with most seats! These easily portable lumbar rolls are ideal to be used with most flat backed seats such as a car or office chair. All rolls are 28cm (11") long.
from £16.51
Harley Gentle Forme Back/Lumbar Support
Provides gentle and flexible support and protection! The discreet slim line design of this cushion provides effective support, whilst stabilising the hips, pelvis and spine. Helps manage lumbago and other sports injuries. 16cm Wide.
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