Homecraft Adjustable Bed Cradle
A simple metal frame, whose base slips between the mattress and the bed base and the top forms a support cradle for the bedclothes to keep them clear of the feet and legs. The height is adjusted easily and the...
EZ Adjust Bed Rail with Pouch
The only bed rail on the market ,which length will adjust after it has been installed! Key Features: Works well as a side rail to keep you from falling out of bed, as well as a support bar for getting...
30" Safety Bed Rail
The 30-inch Safety Bed Rail from Stander provides full protection from nighttime falls. Its 30-inch long frame is ideal for keeping your loved one in bed, even during those restless nights. Don’t trust your health with just any plastic bed...
Bed Rail Advantage Traveler
The stander bed rail advantage traveller is a portable bed rail designed for providing protection while getting in and out of bed. Key Features Description The Bed Rail Advantage Traveler from Stander Inc. fits perfectly between your box spring and...
Height Adjustable Bed Cradle
The tubular metal frame of Height Adjustable Bed Cradle keeps away the blanket, bed cover, and duvets from the skin of those suffering from skin irritation and ulcers. Key Features The Height Adjustable Bed Cradle is designed for users suffering...
Stander Mobility Bed Rail
Stander Mobility Bed Rail This Mobility Bed Rail is a perfect solution for the users who have to struggle while transporting to the wheelchair from their beds. This stylish and elegant bed rail offers them a great degree of independence...
Bedside Econorail
The lightweight and portable Bedside Econorail is a home bed support handle that helps the user get in and out of bed conveniently. Description Users with limited or impaired mobility have to struggle to get out of the bed without...
Days Double Loop Bed Stick
This bed stick has a double loop to assist users getting in and out of the bed. Fits securely under the mattress, is adjustable in width and fits single and double beds. Length 980 to 1430mm (38½ to 56¼").Height 445mm...
Parnell Premier Bed Rail
The Parnell bed rail is the ideal solution to help get in or out of bed. Its attractive, ergonomic design complements virtually any bedroom. Functional, strong, hygienic and safe, it provides the user with confidence and independence. Stored flat when...
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