Bed Rope Ladder
The Rope Ladder Bed Hoist provides an easy way to sit up or change position in bed; simply attach the cords at the ends of the bed hoist to the legs at the foot of the bed and use the...
Homecraft Rope Ladder Bed Hoist
A simple idea to assist with sitting up in bed. The bottom ends of the cords tie around the bed legs, and the plastic ladder rungs can be gripped by the user to pull themselves up in bed on a...
Aidapt Soft Transfer Turntable
The Economy Transfer Turntable from Aidapt is a lightweight, portable transfer aid that provides smooth and easy rotation in any direction. The Economy Transfer Turntable assists the carer to transfer a patient safely from a chair to bed, into and...
Strap Set For The VY438 Bed Transfer Aid
This Strap Set For The VY438 Bed Transfer Aid comprises a Strap and buckle set to convert the Solo Bed Transfer Aid (VY428) into a Solo Bed Transfer Aid with Strap (VY438) for use with Slatted beds.Depth (mm): 40Height (mm):...
Bed Caddie
Ideal for those who need a boost to get out of bed safely! An aid that will help the users reach the sitting position, when in bed.
Solo Bedstick Transfer Aid - White
The Solo Bedstick transfer aid assists transfer into and out of the bed. The bedstick passes below the mattress and the looped handles extend up either side of the bed. The Bedstick transfer aid has a telescopic tube, so it...
from £39.00
Easyleaver - Bed Grab Rail
An ideal rail to take on holiday, or visiting relatives! Designed to be used on divan style beds, and is suitable for use on single, double or king-size. This all-metal grab rail is simple to assemble and dismantle without tools,...
from £112.07
Easyrail Bed Grab Rail
Designed to fit beds, where the mattress sits within a side frame, such as pine slatted beds! The easy to assemble and dismantle rail, requires no need for tools and can be transported or stored when not in use. Can...
from £112.07
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