HandyCup + Lid - Orange
from £15.88
HandyCup + Lid - Orange
The HandyCup Lid with a larger base and angled design ensure that users with coordination difficulties can drink from the glass without tipping their head back. Key Features Description The users suffering from limited neck movement have to struggle with...
from £15.88
Aidapt Drinking Cup with Two Spouts - Pink
The Aidapt Drinking Cup is easy to hold and comfortable to use. This specially-designed cup is supplied with two tops, one with a small hole for drinking fluids and the other featuring a larger hole for more solid food. It...
from £3.15
Stay Warm Feeding Dish
This feeding dish will keep food warm for longer. The chamber under the plate can be easily filled with warm water, keeping food warm for longer. The dish also features a non slip ring which keeps the dish stable and...
Handsteady Drinking Aid
The handle of the HANDSTEADY drinking aid rotates so that that the cup self-levels using gravity; tilts easily without needing to twist the wrist or raise the elbow; and keeps steady despite tremor (with the handle upside down or at...
Kennedy™ Cup
This spill-proof cup is perfect when sitting or reclining. The easy-to-grip handle can be picked up by weaker hands and is suitable for right or left handed people. The lid screws on tightly to prevent leaks and accepts any standard...
Aidapt Cup Handle for use with Novo Cup and Sure Grip Mug
Designed for adults who may have limited dexterity or reduced strength and grip in their hands and arms. The Cup Handle is a dining aid aimed at ensuring better control and helps to reduce the chance of spillage. Please note...
Scoop Plate with Suction Base - Red
This Scoop Plate is a popular dining aid featuring a non-slip suction base. The Scoop Plate is specially shaped to assist users who have limited dexterity, particularly those with one hand, to use cutlery more easily.The scoop plate is BPA...
Inflatable Travel Cushion
Inflatable Travel Cushion This specially-designed, inflatable cushion reduces pressure on the neck for those trying to rest in a seated position. It is positioned on the shoulder and can be secured across the body using the attached cord. It provides...
Inflatable Foot Cushion
Inflatable Foot Cushion This specially-designed, inflatable cushion helps support the legs for those trying to rest in a seated position. Ideal for use around the home and when travelling. It inflates in seconds and can be rolled up and attached...
Food Workstation
Food Workstation The food workstation from Aidapt is ideal for those who have difficulty in gripping or have only one hand available. The clamp can grip all sorts of food, bowls, jars or bottles and is easy to operate. The...
Liquid Level Detector
Liquid Level Detector The Liquid Level Detector is designed for the visually impaired. It alerts the user with sound and vibration alarms, when the liquid level in the cup, or glass reaches the pre-assigned detection level. The product is powered...
Stainless Steel Basket
Stainless Steel Basket The Stainless Steel basket is made from a high quality, durable and eco friendly stainless steel material. It conveniently folds flat for easy storage. It allows vegetables and other food items to be cooked or strained without...
Novo Cup
The 'Novo Cup' is perfect for people who want to be able to drink without having to be helped. The cup allows a person to drink comfortably while lying down. The 'Novo Cup' will give user a lot more independence...
Manoy Contoured Plates
These melamine plates are designed to help those with one good hand or who have difficulty picking up food with utensils. They are oval in shape with a sloping bottom and high sided end to help scoop up food without...
Nose Cut-out Cup
The Nose Cut-out Cup is a dining or kitchen aid that has been designed for customers who have difficulty tipping their head back; the cut out section fits around the nose, making drinking much easier and more comfortable.Cup is ideal...
from £3.70
Two Handled Mug with spout - 250ml
This two-handled mug will assist in the control a person has when drinking. Supplied with two lids, one for anti-spill and one with a drinking spout. The mug is dishwasher safe, but not the lid. Colours may vary. Capacity 250ml...
Mug With Lid & Handles
This see-through mug allows liquid levels to be monitored, and can be used with or without the included lid. The design of the spout of the lid directs the flow of the liquid. Featuring two large handles to improve the...
Clear Drinking Cup with handle & 2 lids 280ml
This tough, clear plastic mug features a large handle so that the user can grip round or under without making a fist. Supplied with two lids, one for anti-spill and the other with a drinking spout. The simple design allows...
Dignity - 2 Handled Mug
The DIGNITY range by wade has been purposely designed to help people who suffer from both mental and physical mental disabilities. This will help maintain their level of independence and dignity, whilst at the same time improving levels of nutrition...
Nose Cut Out Glass - Blue
The design of this cup, allows a user to drink without tilting their head. The Nose Cut-Out Beaker is ideal for people who choke easily, or have difficulty tilting their head due to a neck injury. Especially useful for children...
Homecraft Incurve Plate Surround
This flexible guard can be fitted to ordinary plates to assist with one handed eating. Three clips attach it to the rim and create a high inward sloping face to help with food collection and prevent spillage.Plate size 190 to...
Feeding Cup with Long Spout & Handle
This feeding cup features a large spout which, allows intake without dribbling. The spout can then be cut down as the users skills develop. To regulate the flow of liquid, a finger can be placed over an air vent. Holds...
One way Drinking Straw
The One-Way Drinking Straw makes drinking easier for people with weak oral musculature or those who have difficulty swallowing. The straw is a dining aid featuring a one-way valve which stays filled with liquid even after removing the straw from...
Scoop Plate - White
Ideal for the one-handed user. The vertical wall guides food onto utensils. This lightweight polypropylene plate has a non-slip rubber-coated base to prevent sliding. Entry wall is 13mm (½") high and steadily increases upward to 38mm (1½"). 230mm (9") diameter...
from £14.75
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