Langham Multi-Purpose Raiser
Langham Multi-Purpose Raiser Unique in design and versatility, this modular raiser has been carefully developed using feedback received from Occupational Therapists. Designed to raise chairs, settees and beds equally well. Discreet when used under furniture, but has maximum support giving...
from £19.30
Vida is the Able2 brand for incontinence products. This lightweight machine washable and reusable chair pad contains five layers of material that quickly absorbs and locks liquid inside. The top layer keeps the user dry and the lower layer is...
Upeasy Powered Lifting Cushion
Easily transform any armchair, or a sofa into a riser chair! Providing 100% lift for users this lifting cushion is extremely popular. Weighing just 5.4kg, this power cushion features a built-in carry handle, making it extremely portable. The user simply...
Assist-A-Tray The innovatively designed and well-constructed assist a tray, features an ergonomic handle to provide support on and off any sofa, chair or recliner. The assist a tray comes complete with a swivel tray able to rotate 360 degrees and...
Arm Rest Organiser
The Arm Rest Organiser is made from a high quality black material which is adjustable to fit most armrests. It is ideal for storing all your remote controls, reading glasses, magazines, phones, electronic devices, etc. It also features a sturdy...
Homecraft Stackable Cone Raisers
Lightweight but extremely strong moulded cones with a broad base and a recess for the chair or bed leg. They have anti-slip pads to hold castors still. Sold in sets of four.Available only in Black
Homecraft Wooden Chair Raisers
A bamboo material hardwood cube with three 16mm (?") recesses of different diameters, to suit different leg widths. Cube height 93mm (3¾"). Height raise 75mm (3").Maximum diameter of leg 30, 50 or 75mm (1¼, 2 or 3").Weight 425g each.Supplied as...
Cushion Cover for Bed Wedge
A washable spare or replacement cover for the Aidapt Bed Wedge (VG884). 80% Cotton 20% Polyester. Machine wash at low temperature.Machine wash at low temperature.80% Cotton 20% Polyester.Fits on to the VG884 Aidapt Bed Wedge Cushion.
Air Flow Lumbar Support Cushion
The Air Flow Lumbar Support Cushion has been designed to improve your posture and to help relieve pressure on the spine when seated, while allowing air to flow freely and prevent overheating. The Air Flow Lumbar Support Cushion is ideal...
Adjustable Linked Chair Raiser Kit
A Height Adjustable Chair Raiser for chairs with legs. Height adjustment is supplied by inserting blocks raising the chair by 50 mm (2"), 75 mm (3") or 100 mm (4"). Maximum user weight 500 kg (78 stone) (including furniture). Height...
Kylie Bed Pad
The original Kylie Washable Bed Pad. Designed to offer protection against incontinence for mattresses or other furniture whilst keeping the user dry and comfortable. The waterproof backing is integrated with the absorbent pad and is latex free and anti-static treated....
from £37.38
Upeasy Seat Assist Plus
The Upeasy seat assist plus is a portable lifting seat designed for those who need support to stand, and it ensures a safe lift without any forward push. Key Features The Upeasy easy seat assist plus is a portable and...
from £161.56
Upeasy Cushion
Transform your normal chair into a highly supportive rising chair with an Upeasy cushion that provides maximum support while rising or sitting on the chair. Key Features Description The Upeasy Cushion is a highly durable solution for those who need...
from £162.96
Set of 4 Screw Fixing Bed Raisers
Black Wooden Bed Raisers to increase the height of beds. To raise the height of your bed, simply remove the existing castors and insert the set of bed raisers. Available in various sizes.Simply remove castors from furniture and insert the...
from £21.70
Grip On Chair Raisers
Grip-on Chair Raisers, suitable for use with furniture on castors or legs, these raisers grip on to the furniture using the unique 'donut'. This greatly increases safety as the furniture raiser is attached to the furniture rather than the furniture...
from £26.65
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