Jumbo Playing Cards
Jumbo, hard-wearing, laminated paper playing cards, more than 50% taller than an average playing card. The large design makes the cards easier to hold and see and they are ideal for standard or casino style games.Wipe Clean EasilyIdeal for both...
Playing Card Holder
A simple yet effective cardholder! Designed to be used by people who have a poor grip. The cardholders consist of two plastic discs held together by a spring. By simply placing the cards in the holder and turning the disks,...
Real Big Playing Cards
Easy-to-see giant cards! Designed to be east to read and easy to hold. These giant playing cards perfect for people with a weak grasp who have difficulty holding regular cards. Also ideal for people that have impaired vision. Cards measure...
Lovision Playing Cards
Extra-large characters for easy viewing! The numbers, letters and characters on these playing cards have been enlarged for quick recognition. These standard sizes cards are colour-coded by suit. Ideal for people with at least 5% of normal vision.
Plastic Card Holder
An easy and affordable solution for holding playing cards! Ideal for people with diminished finger control. This cardholder will allow the user to carry on enjoying a game of cards. Manufactured from lightweight plastic. Measures 51 x 35 x 250mm....
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