Days Walker Trolley - Beige
from £64.95
Days Walker Trolley - Beige
This height-adjustable walking trolley is a sturdy and robust walking aid for use within the home, providing a means of transporting items from one room to another. Key Features: Plastic shelves. Sturdy and robust design. Available in white or beige. Lockable...
from £64.95
Pill Puncher
Pill Puncher The Pill Puncher is the easy way to remove pills and tablets from blister packs. Simply place the pack in position and push the popper arm down, the pill is punched out and falls into the container beneath....
Height Adjustable Kitchen Strolley Trolley with Brakes
The Strolley Trolley is height adjustable and the unique patented trays clip on and off easily for cleaning. This new Strolley Trolley has the added benefits of handle brakes for extra piece of mind for the user. The materials used...
Homecraft Dorking Stocking Aid
A simple, inexpensive device to assist with putting on a stocking or sock especially if bending and reaching to the foot is difficult. It consists of a strong, shaped, flexible plastic gutter with long cotton tapes attached to the top....
Anabox Weekly Pill Box - White
from £11.20
Anabox Weekly Pill Box - White
Anabox Weekly Pill Box The Anabox weekly pill box is great for users of all ages. Designed for easy handling, it contains a full weeks supply of medication with easy identification of the days of the week and times of...
from £11.20
High Vision Reading Floor Lamp
Specially designed to allow you to read and concentrate for longer! These lamps feature near daylight bulbs, which will allow you to read and concentrate for much longer. Relieving eyestrain and headaches. The flexible arm of the lamp makes sure...
Replacement E Clip
Replacement E Clips for use with a wide range of height adjustable products from Aidapt including walking frames, toilet/shower seats, perching stools, etc.
Homecraft 36" Handi-Reacher Magnetic Rotating Head
An ultra lightweight, robust reacher that will assist those with restricted reach and/or mobility problems. Features a single moving jaw operated with a trigger action from the handle. The head is complete with a magnet for picking up small metal...
Days Adjustable Height Plastic Shelf Trolley
This durable trolley is height adjustable from 83-101cm. It has two plastic clip-on shelves, which measure 460×330mm (18×13") and can easily be removed for cleaning. Supplied either flat packed or fully assembled. Maximum user weight: 125kg/19½st
from £50.15
Aidapt Wall Mounted Combination Key Safe
This Wall Mounted Key Safe is a secure, affordable and weather resistant Key Safe suitable for use outside. It is quick and easy to fit and provides a secure place to store a spare key for your home or car....
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Sensor Mat - Square 24x24cm
Sensor Mat - Square 24x24cm
A versatile alarm system for fall management with a choice of voice or 4 different alarm tones. Advanced model available to allow connection to an existing Nursecall system. This useful alarm system can be used on a bed, wheelchair or...
Twin Draught Excluder
This twin draught excluder helps to insulate doors and windows around the home by blocking cold air out and keeping warm air in. Can be used all year round and moves with the door when opening and closing. Simply cut...
Replacement Tube for Smokers Robot
The Smokers Robot enables safe, hands-free smoking. The Smokers Robot allows a cigarette to rest safely in the holder that is attached to an ashtray base. Features a 910mm (36") tube with a mouthpiece.
Playing Card Holder (Set of 2)
This pair of Playing Card Holders is the ideal, hands-free games set and will hold up to 15 standard playing cards each. It can be placed on the table or held in the hand and both holds and organises cards...
Plug Tugs
Remove fiddly plugs with less hassle! The plug-Tugs are simple to fit and use, and make unplugging electrical equipment much easier. Included are a range of sticker, labels and a marker pen to help you identify what is being unplugged....
Sleeved Fleece Blanket - Blue
This lightweight Sleeved Fleece Blanket has oversized sleeves built in, giving you the freedom to comfortably read, snack or use a laptop while staying warm and cosy. Ideal when you're relaxing at home in the lounge or bedroom, it's also...
Anti Fatigue Mat
The anti-fatigue mats can help reduce fatigue and discomfort when you're standing for long periods of time. It is ideal for hard surfaces and can be easily moved. It has a non-slip surface and is water-resistant, making it easy to...
Anti-Fatigue Mat
The Anti-Fatigue Mat can help reduce fatigue and discomfort while standing for long periods of time. It is ideal for hard surfaces and can be moved easily. It has a non-slip surface, and is water resistant making it easy to...
Aidapt Instant Hand Sanitiser (485ml)
This quick acting and effective hand gel (75% alcohol) from Aidapt helps to reduce bacteria on the skin.  This hand gel can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria. Simply apply a small amount to dry palms and spread over hands and...
Bean Bag Cushion Tablet Stand in Blue Bird
Bean Bag Cushion Tablet Stand in Blue BirdFind the perfect position to use your device in comfort with this Blue Bird bean bag cushion tablet stand. Whether reading in bed, emailing on the couch or internet shopping on the beach.Handmade...
Aidapt Rug Stops (Pack of 8)
These handy rug stops help keep rugs and mats in place around the home helping to prevent slips and trips as they stops rug corners from curling. Just press to stick on and wash with soapy water to re-use. Works...
Homecraft Plastic Shoehorn
An inexpensive plastic moulded shoehorn. A long handle gives excellent reach. It also has a hanging loop attached to the handle. Length 430mm (17").Weight 37g.
Homecraft Contour Turner
This device is used to give good leverage for turning small difficult items eg. gas or radiator taps. The head has a bed of sprung stainless steel rods, which when pressed around an object, retract, conform around its shape, and...
Homecraft Pen and Pencil Holder
This soft PVC moulding slides on to normal sized pens and pencils to make them easier to grip and control writing. Internal diameter 8mm. Available in packs of three.Weight 22g.
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