Small Base Quad Cane
Heavy-duty and lightweight Small Base Quad cane with a swan-shaped neck is a versatile walking aid that ensures maximum support and assistance to low mobile users. Key Features Description The users with weak handgrips and sensitive palms need a lightweight...
Large Base Quad Cane
This large base quad cane has a swan shaped neck which helps distribute user weight for extra stability. It is height adjustable with 10 settings ensuring the perfect fit for the majority of users. It is fitted with four non...
Days Quadruped Adjustable Walking Stick Wide Base
This walking stick is designed to increase walking stability and promote user independence. It is great for anyone who needs some extra support while on the go. The stick is perfect for elderly, handicapped, and disabled individuals. Quality Construction The...
European Style Quad Walking Stick
Height adjustable quad cane with curved neck, which places the users weight directly over the shaft for safety. The handle is shaped to fit the centre of the palm and the front tapers for the fingers. Steel construction with graphite...
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