Leg Lifter
Helps clients move legs safely following hip injury. Raise or lower legs with the Leg Lifter. Ideal for clients with weak hip flexors following total hip replacements. The 820mm (32") aluminium rod with 220mm (8 ") loop foot hold are...
Q2 Mobility Board
A universal transfer board that can be used in nearly all applications with 99.99% of the population! The unique curved shape and maximum working load of 285kg make this a very popular and versatile mobility board. Perfect for assisted and...
Quintal Banana Board
A well-established transfer board! The boomerang board shape of this transfer board allows side-to-side transfers in both unassisted and assisted seat transfers. This board has not been designed for lifting but has been designed for seated patient transfers. The Quintal...
Smart Sheet 65cm x 185cm
Provides safe and easy movement of patients whilst in bed or in a chair! This smart shit enables a carer provide safe and easy movement of patients that are in a bed or chair. There is no need to lift...
Turneasy Swivel Cushion
A superior, padded, safety swivel cushion. Made from plastic with a smooth turning action. A removable washable 'fleece' cover and attachable safety belt for car use are included. Can be used in car, on dining chair, or bed etc. 381mm...
One Way Seat Slide
Designed to allow only backward movements! The loop design of this cushion will prevent a patient from slipping forward, as it only allows backward movement. Suitable to be used in a chair, wheelchair or bed. Washable between 40C and 85C,...
Soft Transfer Seat
A turning disc ideal for use on car, seats, chairs and beds! It can be used to turn in and out of a car, bed, seat or wheelchair Comfortable and long lasting. Diameter: 430 mm Cushioned top to provide essential...
Anti-Slip Foot Pad
Ideal for re-positioning patients whilst in bed or in a chair! This non slip foot pad is ideal for re-positioning of patients that are sat down. Designed to help prevent slipping down the chair/wheelchair or bed. The outer fabric is...
Anti-Slip Glide Sheet
This Anti Slip Glide Sheet helps a person with rotating and repositioning when getting in and out of bed, whilst also helping to prevent any slippage off the bed. This Glide Sheet has an anti-slip panel, which reduces the risk...
Aidapt Soft Transfer Turntable
The Economy Transfer Turntable from Aidapt is a lightweight, portable transfer aid that provides smooth and easy rotation in any direction. The Economy Transfer Turntable assists the carer to transfer a patient safely from a chair to bed, into and...
Economy Rotary Cushion
A soft padded, flexible turning disc that is ideal for use on car seats, chairs and beds. It allows a smooth swivel transfer without painful jarring or twisting. The underside is covered in an anti-slip material for added safety and...
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