Coccyx Wedge Cushion
The black cotton twill covered Coccyx Wedge Cushion has been designed to improve your posture and to offer relief to those who suffer with a tender coccyx. The 11 deg. angle is accepted as producing the optimum sitting position and...
Harley Designer Coccyx Wedge
Maintain the natural "S" shape of your spine with Harley Designer Coccyx Wedge that acts as a seating aid and ensures the even weight distribution to prevent the risks of sores. Key Features Increases the height of the existing seat...
from £48.86
Harley Slimline Wedge
A gently sculptured to hold the lumbar spine in the correct position! Constructed to provide optimum comfort these cushions are manufactured from individual from visco elastic moulded foam Offering gentle support and unrivalled comfort as the cushion conforms to the...
from £33.88
Harley 11 Degree Wedge
Get better posture by keeping your spine in its natural position with lightweight Harley 11 Degree Wedge that ensures supreme comfort and optimum support. Key Features Ergonomically shaped wedge helps you get the accurate positioning. Relieves the pain by reducing...
from £33.88
Harley 11 Degree Coccyx Wedge
Will significantly decrease pain in the lower back and legs! This cushion will tilt the pelvis to the recommended 11 degrees, keeping the spine in its natural position. Significantly decreasing the pain in the lower back and legs. This model...
from £33.88
Harley Designer Wedge
Maintain the natural 'S' shape of your spine with a highly durable Harley Designer Wedge that has an 8 degree angle to ensure better posture. Key Features Description The low mobile users who want to erase the lower back pain...
from £48.86
Memory Foam Leg Pillow
The ergonomically-designed Memory Foam Leg Pillow can help to provide support to stiff or sore legs or painful knees. It is ideal for use in a bed or flat surface and is constructed from memory foam with a washable, removable...
Harley Slimline Coccyx Wedge
Eases muscle tension in the lumbar region! A fantastic item to add support to help ease muscle tension in the lumbar region. This supremely comfortable wedge is fitted with a luxury velour cover and has a base of a base...
from £33.88
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