Tri-Support Rubber Walking Stick Ferrule
The Aidapt Tri-Support Walking Stick ferrule has a large base providing excellent support and stability for regular users of canes and walking sticks. It's three pronged design flexes as you walk reducing the effects of jolting impacts on the hand...
Walking Stick Strap
A usefull strap, to offer a little more security! Cane strap for wood or plastic handled canes. Made from durable materials.
Cane/Walking Stick Holder
The design of this crane or crutch holder is an excellent purchase to secure your walking aid! This clip-on holder will securely balance a cane or crutch, and the rubber pad will stop them sliding off the table. The cane...
Universal Walking Stick Cane Strap Brown
This handy walking stick strap is designed to free up a users hands without having to let go of the stick. It features an elasticated loop which simply fits around the handle of the walking stick or cane. Specifications Colour:...
22mm (7/8") Grey Heavy Duty Rubber Ferrules Type Z
Heavy Duty Genuine Coopers Z-type rubber ferrules With internal reinforcement washer for long life Top-quality ferrules made from TPR material Ideal for metal walking sticks or crutches
Winter Ice Ferrule for Walking Stick, Crutch & Cane - Specially Designed for Icy Snow Conditions with Extra Grip Metal Teeth Pick Boot
The perfect addition to any walking stick, crutch or cane for the winter months. The Ice Boot is extremely effective in ice, snow or slippery conditions and allows the user increased grip via the stainless steel teeth on the underside...
16mm Flexyfoot Shock Absorbing Walking Stick Ferrule - Grey
A revolutionary redesign, the Flexyfoot shock absorbing walking stick ferrule provide 50% more grip and traction than traditional rubber ferrules. Featuring a unique flexibility on all surfaces and more comfort for the user when placed on the ground. The foot...
from £7.79
A High Performance Ferrule, that will fit most walking sticks, canes and crutches! These uniquely designed ferrules are proven to help absorb shock, which in turn can relieve pain and discomfort in the upper body. The flexible bellows help to...
Flexyfoot Replacement Foot - Grey
A Replacment Ferrule for the Amazing Flexyfoot! One of the best faetures of the Flexyfoot is that when your ferrule is worn or broken, you can simply replace it. The replacement foot is suitable for use with all Flexyfoot ferrules....
Aidapt Replacement Crutch Ferrule 19mm - Black
Replacement ferrule for the Aidapt range of colourful forearm crutches. The replacement rubber tip or ferrule is easy to fit to the Aidapt patterned crutches range. Key Features Suitable for use on the Aidapt range of colourful patterned crutches Available...
Shock Absorbing Ferrules
Shock Absorbing Ferrules available in 19mm or 22mm size
from £5.70
Standard Ferrules
Standard 19mm Ferrules available in singles or packs of 10
from £5.50
Heavy Duty Bell Shaped Walking Stick & Crutch Ferrules
Heavy Duty Bell Shaped Ferrules available in 16mm, 19mm, 22mm and 25mm diameter
from £5.35
Hard Wearing PVC Ferrules
Hard Wearing PVC Ferrules available in 16mm, 18mm, 22mm and 25mm diameter
from £2.50
Replacement Rubber Walking Stick Ferrule - Black
A Replacement Walking Stick Ferrule for the range of Walking Sticks from Aidapt. The replacement black rubber tip or ferrule is easy to fit to the Aidapt walking stick range. Key Features Soft and durable Shock absorbing Anti-slip Specification Product...
from £2.75
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